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A Must Read for Coaches, Goalies, and Goalie Parents

"So much super information for young goalies, Beauty! Just what the doctor ordered."

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A Must Read for Coaches, Goalies, and Goalie Parents

In the hockey world, there is one constant complaint heard repeatedly from parents and players alike.

The vast majority of coaches do not understand or know how to properly work with and develop their goaltenders. Many, however, believe that they do, resulting in confusion and frustration for coach, team, and goaltender.

This problem has caused dissension among parents, destroyed the confidence of many talented young goalies, and even driven goaltenders out of the game they love.

We are left with one basic question: "How do coaches rectify this major problem and properly develop their goaltenders, while keeping the game fun for everyone?"

Target Practice provides coaches with the proper steps and tools to understand what is required to work with and develop goaltenders of any age.

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Coaching is a noble and often thankless job, but one caring people assume because they want to make a difference. No coach wants to be responsible for a young goaltender leaving the game -- yet it happens all too often!

This book is filled with the knowledge, insight, and support you need to effectively and efficiently work the Essential Core Goaltending Skills that all goalies require, want, and yearn for their coaches to help them develop.

In Target Practice, Chris Dyson shares his 30+ years of goaltender coaching experience in order to provide simple, easy-to-understand, progressive development techniques, as well as common mistakes and an understanding of what coaches must learn and be aware of when developing goaltenders.


  • Approach, in an effective and knowledgeable way, the task of coaching goaltenders.
  • Understand how progressive goalie coaching is a necessity for success.
  • Internalize the 8 Essential Core Goaltending Skills every coach must know in order to effectively work with his or her goalie (or even discuss technical aspects of the position).
  • Discover key elements affecting the goaltender's level of play that are not even taught by many true goalie coaches.
  • Determine why bringing in "pseudo-goalie coaches" is one of the biggest mistakes coaches and parents make.
  • Connect with your goaltenders and understand what their frustrations are and how to help them cope.
  • As certain exactly what the most common mistakes are and the true "root causes" that are missed almost universally by untrained coaches.
  • Identify the number one complaint of many goalie parents and how you can deal with it immediately.
  • Comprehend the basic truth that goaltenders truly desire productive on-ice sessions and direct interactions with their coaches.
  • Recognize the number one, most important skills a goaltender must focus on and develop in order to improve; most coaches miss them entirely.
  • Gain helpful strategies that actually make working with your goaltenders fun.
  • Realize that when your goaltender is receiving proper training and attention, your whole team (as well as the parents of team members) will be more efficient and cohesive.
  • Confirm, finally, that you, as a coach, have an incredible amount of influence over the level of enjoyment or suffering your goaltenders will experience -- based solely on your commitment to and knowledge of the material in this book.


This book will help you to understand how to properly teach and work with goaltenders of any age, knowing you will have been a positive influence in their lives and enhanced their enjoyment of the game.

  • You can positively influence your goaltenders through proper training, but the biggest reward will be in knowing you will have made a difference in their enjoyment of the game -- and thus enriched their lives.
  • Progressive training and a basic understanding of the Essential Core Goaltending Skills are absolutely necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • The game is certainly not all about winning, but it is definitely more fun when you win more. No one understands this more than a goaltender. Proper goalie training, then, can only result in better goaltenders and happier teams.
  • As a coach, you have the power to help players attain goals and establish lifelong patterns of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Your actions and words will have an equally powerful -- but negative -- impact when you speak without the required knowledge contained within this book.
  • The methods and information provided within Target Practice are applicable to goaltenders of all ages and skill levels.